It all started with a simple party favor; a small decorative notebook and a pen.

Isaiah Smith

It all started with a simple party favor; a small decorative notebook and a pen. Even, Isaiah Smith, at the tender age of 11, couldn’t believe what he was able to write in that book.

The same young man who struggled in school with reading comprehension and whose English teacher doubted his ability to pass reading and writing exams, used an array of words in creative phrases, puns and wordplay. Isaiah’s newfound love didn’t end with a rap song in that little book.

The Brooklyn-born native also discovered that he had a knack for beatboxing. His vocal ability to make music with his mouth, like those of contemporaries Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie, impressed his peers. He would first display his talent at his junior high school’s cafeteria. With his friends gathered around, Isaiah, then known as I-Tunez, would either beatbox, perform one of his written songs, or bravely attempt to freestyle.

It garnered him so much respect, that during his junior high school’s graduation ceremony, those same friends ushered Isaiah to accompany the guest speaker who was rapping about the importance of getting an education.

The following year Isaiah displayed his dual artistic capabilities during a talent competition at a youth camp retreat. Writing lyrics and beatboxing was more than just enjoyment for him. It became an outlet for Isaiah to express his own personal struggles and to talk about issues that young people his age experience.

In June 2019, at the request of his mentor, Christian rapper, Quincy “Que” Kingston, Isaiah had the privilege to perform his four-minute rap entitled, “Don’t Sleep” at an anti-gun rally in Brooklyn. Isaiah would also travel with Que to Atlanta, GA where he would meet Pastor Jamal Bryant and Stellar Award-winning gospel singer and songwriter Jonathan Nelson.

This trip would be life-changing for Isaiah as Mr. Nelson provided him with advice and encouragement concerning music production, the major that Isaiah is currently studying at college.

In addition to music, Isaiah is the proud founder of Higher Ground Threads, an online apparel company. His goals are to become a professional producer/musician, continuing to expand his company and combining it with his music to create Higher Ground Entertainment.

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