Mission & Vision

Step into a world where empowerment meets innovation with B.Brave by SK WiLBUR backpacks – a groundbreaking fusion of colorful, comic-style art and transformative narratives that elevate not just backpacks, but the spirits of young minds. Designed to cultivate self-esteem, foster a sense of belonging, and inspire unwavering hope for the future, these backpacks go beyond mere utility. They become a portal to a world where every child sees themselves as the hero of their own story.

Backpacks That Tell Back Stories.

Our vision is to use our backpacks to foster a sense of community through telling inclusive and ethnically diverse stories of American citizens whose contributions have shaped this country. We're focused on direct-to-consumer internet sales and on forging partnerships with schools, cultural institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations, and retailers to create a broad distribution channel so that B.Brave by SK WiLBUR backpacks are accessible to all children.