Monty is an honor roll student and a leader within his school.

Monty Person

Kimont Person, affectionately known as Monty is from Valley Stream, NY where he attends Memorial Junior High School. Monty is an honor roll student and a leader within his school. He has been selected by his principal to lead panel discussions for career day and assist with interviewing for new faculty.   

Monty has had a passion for acting since he was a toddler. He attended Black Spectrum Theatre Camp for many years and received the title “Mr. Black Spectrum,” which is the highest award for his lead roles in the Jungle Book as Mowgli, and in Aladdin as the Genie. 

Monty is part of Stewart Talent Agency which has allowed him to star in webcast commercials for Nickelodeon, Abercrombie, and other ads. When not acting, Monty enjoys playing and watching basketball.  Some of his other hobbies include dancing, writing plays and poems, as well as creating empowering videos for his community.

Monty is also very involved with his church, Mount Moriah AME where he sings on the youth choir and is a part of the mime and drama ministry.

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